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The 35 Minute Film Version has been edited by Dr. Miriam K. Kassenoff-Director of the University of Miami Holocasust Teacher's Institute

The revisions and editions to the film have been performed by Dr. Michael Berenbaum-Holocaust scholar, historian.
The diffusion of the film has been done by Rositta Kenisberg, President of the Holocaust Documentation & Education Center, HDEC.

The film has been distributed to over 100 countries all around the world by the United Nations.

35 Minute Film

60 Minute Film

105 Minute Film

150 Minute Film

150 Minute Film Part 1 (Colleges, Museums, Centers, & Ngo)

150 Minute Film Part 2 (Colleges, Museums, Centers, & Ngo)

240 Minute Film Part 1 (Colleges, Museums, Centers, & Ngo)

240 Minute Film Part 2 (Colleges, Museums, Centers, & Ngo)


Tribute to the Survivors (36 Minutes)

Tribute to Holocaust Survivors the Absence – La Ausencia 1995

Dear Educators Kindly visit which exclusively contains the 35-minute version and study guide

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The Holocaust Survivor’s Stories, Survivor’s Testimonies & Archival Footage

“The Absence – La Ausencia,” Holocaust Educational Documentary Film resource for teachers and students. It is a film in Spanish with English subtitles. The Absence encompasses the story of The Holocaust with historical narration, Holocaust survivor’s stories, Holocaust survivor’s testimonies, Holocaust archival footage, re-enactments, and artistical scenes with a message of peace to humankind. The film versions are designed for specific audiences.

Holocaust Survivor’s Stories

“The Absence – La Ausencia” encompasses Holocaust survivor’s stories. This Holocaust Educational Documentary film narrates the survivor’s experiences during World War II in all the countries of Europe in which The Holocaust was perpetrated. View the film “The Absence – La Ausencia” to learn about The Holocaust.

About The Film “The Absence – La Ausencia”

“The Absence – La Ausencia” Holocaust documentary film is a vital educational research tool for teachers and students in middle school, high school, college, as well as institutions. This non-profit film has different versions that are all available for classrooms and auditoriums at no cost.

The Absence – La Ausencia is a fantastic film. The testimonies are brief, to the point, each being unique and very concise, completely informative, and impactful to the viewer. Perfect in length so that it fits into class periods. This will be seen by many future generations."

—Craig R. Weiner
President, Holocaust Learning and Education Fund, Inc.