Holocaust Film

The Absence – La Ausencia Presentations

The United Nations distributed 200 copies of The Absence – La Ausencia to 80 countries for Holocaust Education.

“The Absence – La Ausencia has done a major contribution to the United Nations Holocaust Outreach Program.”—Director

Aventura Arts & Cultural Center, Florida May 1. 2016. The Absence: La Ausencia Film & Tribute”.

Honoring Rositta Kenigsberg & Dr. Miriam K. Kassenoff, and musical Tribute to Survivors, with the presence of Distinguished Guests: Mayor Enid Weisman – City of Aventura/ Mr. Eric Soroka – Manager – City of Aventura./ Alberto Carvalho – Superintendent Miami Dade County Public Schools./ Dr. Martin Karp – Board Member Schools Miami Dade County./ College Deans and Leaders of the Community. 330 People.

Mayor of Aventura: “Heart-wrenching.”
Rev. Baptist Church: “I was exasperated. A parallel to the suffering of the African-Americans.”
Viewer: “Incredibly sensitive and provocative.”

The Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) (2017)

Shared the film online to its Members and Affiliates worldwide by its President, Dr. William L. Shulman.
Member: Cape Town Holocaust Centre South Africa
Director: “This really is a precious resource.”

The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center - Teacher Institute, Hollywood, Florida (2013)

Director: “We were thrilled you shared this wonderful and important documentary with the teachers, They were delighted to know about such an excellent resource”.
Teacher: “I look forward to sharing the resource of The Absence with My peers. Also wonderful to have a Study Guide to use with the students. Wonderful!

The Holocaust Teachers Institute/University of Miami (2012)

Has been distributing thousands of DVDs through its Director, Dr. Miriam K. Kassenoff, to Educators yearly.

Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School Auditorium-Social Studies - Florida (2011)

3,000 students and teachers viewed the film The Absence – La Ausencia (100 min)

Teacher: “Keep your conscience alive, we are as individuals guardians of each other’s liberty and humanity.”
Student: “The Absence clearly depicts The Holocaust through the perspective of the children very movingly.”

The Holocaust Documentation and Education Center - Teacher Institute, Hollywood, Florida (2010)

Director: The Absence – La Ausencia is a unique and wonderful resource for our Center and all our teachers.”
Teacher: “This film will be an excellent aid and can help us to make this a more peaceful world in which to live.”

Temple Sinai of North Dade, Director of Education

The Absence – La Ausencia will be a fundamental pillar in the Holocaust educational Program of our school yearly, learning directly from the survivors’ stories.

Dr. Michael Berenbaum, the most recognized Holocaust scholar in the United States.
“I was pleased to work in this important meticulously researched project that you so lovingly and caressingly completed.”

Texas: Screened at a Public County Middle School in the Auditorium. The Study Guide was worked in the classroom. (2010)

The United Nations, Mexico

The Absence – La Ausencia was presented to 60 special guests of the Government, Department of Education, Embassy’s, NGOs and Scholars, in commemoration of the Holocaust. (January 27, 2012)

“After viewing The Absence, we realize the importance of The Presence, in today’s world.”

Yad Vashem Mexico

The Absence – La Ausencia was presented by this institution in Mexico at 14 schools (7 Jewish schools and 7 secular sister schools) to commemorate the International Holocaust Day, January 27, 2012.

The Simon Wiesenthal Center

Survivor: “Powerful, realistic Holocaust movie.”
Museum of Tolerance. 1996

Teatro Teresa Carreño, Venezuela

Premiere of La Ausencia with Tribute to the Survivors by the artists of the film: Pedro Stern, Karina, Vivian Fulop, Soledad Bravo, Ilan Chester, dance Group Javier Alvarez, children, and the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra, to 3,200 viewers. 1995

Scholar: Monumental film, of an impressive sensitivity.
Survivors: “The Absence is exactly as the Holocaust was.”

Tribute to Survivors 2016

Tribute to Survivors 1995