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• Holocaust Survivors' Stories • Death Camps
• Complete Historical Context • Chelmno, Belzec, Sobibor, Treblinka
• Khristallnacht • Concentration and Death Camps
• Children in the Holocaust • Auschwitz-Birkenau
• Forced Labor • The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising
• The Final Solution • Liberation
• Mass Graves • The Present 
• Death Trucks - Gas Vans • Messages to Humankind

The Absence - La Ausencia

United Nations Association Award Winning Holocaust Film

This movie is the Official Winner of The United Nations Association Global Wake-Up Festival 2011 for Best International Documentary Feature Film :

Official Winner of the United Nations Association Global Wake-Up FestivalLa Ausencia (The Absence) by Lizbeth Schonfeld,
Eitan Steinmetz, Rolando Lowenstein.

Holocaust Documentary Film For Education

For middle and high-schools, colleges, universities, institutions, NGOs, courses, libraries, museums, human rights studies and centers.

The Absence - La Ausencia Holocaust movie and Study Guide has been distributed by The United Nations Holocaust Programme to 80 countries.

It is implemented as an educational tool in classrooms and auditoriums around the world, to teach about the Holocaust in the history of mankind.

The Absence - La Ausencia is in the program of The Teachers Institute of the Holocaust Museum Documentation and Education Center - Dania, Florida-

by Director Rositta Kenisberg.

The Absence - La Ausencia is distributed to educators at The Holocaust Teachers' Institute at The University of Miami

by Director Dr. Miriam K. Kassenoff.

The Association of Holocaust Organizations (AHO) shared the film online to their Members and Affliates worldwide by it's President Dr. William L.Shulman.

Please download Study Guide with historical review of Dr. Michael Berenbaum, the most recognized scholar on The Holocaust in the United States.

Please download Questionnaire from the Study Guide for your students which contains a section of research, insight questions and creative writing.

Please download My Thoughts Sheet for your students to write about their impressions and ideas.

Please post Student/Teacher Comments and your insights after viewing this Holocaust movie.

The Absence - La Ausencia, documentary about the Holocaust, is a tool for education, concentration camps holocaust film for students,
documentary film of Holocaust survivors.

The Absence - La Ausencia - Versions

Versions Content Audience Recommendations
35 min** Film features 12 survivors 12 years and up Middle and High School
60 min* Film features 12 survivors 12 years and up Middle & High School
100 min Film features 15 survivors 17 years and up High School & Colleges
150 min Film features 20 survivors 17 years and up Institutions - NGO's
240 min Film features 30 survivors 17 years and up Courses - Libraries

*No Graphic Scenes
*Edited Version by Dr. Miriam K. Kassenoff, Director of The Holocaust Teachers Institute of The University of Miami

The Absence - La Ausencia is an important educational tool for teachers as a useful material to work with their students. It presents the history of The Holocaust featuring elecuent Holocaust survivor's testimonies from all the countries in which this event took place with the most relevant archival Holocaust footage.